Nintendo is a character in Consolers, and is a personification of the company Nintendo.

Personality and Interests Edit

Nintendo is often seen as rather happy and laidback, but will get angry if she's looked down upon.

She does what she wants without thinking about what others are doing in the industry, and can be stubborn.


Nintendo has black hair styled in two spikes on each side, and a ponytail on the left side held in with a gray D-pad shaped clip. She also has large maroon eyes. She usually wears a red pointed cap with a white circle and red "N" on the front, a white t-shirt with red sleeves and a "N" logo on the front, black pants and red shoes.

In her earlier appearances, she didn't have her hair spikes, and her ponytail was in the back instead of to the left.

Relationships Edit


Main article: Atari

Years ago, Atari offered to help sell Nintendo's Famicom console in the US, but this deal didnt work out because of disagreements.

Game Freak

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Main article: Microsoft

Microsoft is one of Nintendo's rivals and competitors. They don't usually get along.


Main article: Namco

Namco has been seen playing Hanafuda cards with Nintendo during the "Rise and Fall of Atari" storyline. They seem to get along.


Main article: Niantic

Niantic made the Pokémon Go game. She and Nintendo seem to get along well.


Main article: Rare

Nintendo first met Rare after he showed her games he had made by hacking her consoles, and even though she wasn't too happy about the hacking part she was still very impressed and offered for him to work with her. They were great friends for years, but years later Rare felt overworked and Nintendo would try to meddle too much in his projects, so he decided to leave. After he started working for Microsoft instead, they haven't talked much.


Main article: Sega

Sega used to be Nintendo's competitor, and her biggest rival. After he stopped making consoles, they are better friends.


Main article: Sony

Sony is one of Nintendo's rivals and competitors. In the "The Contract" story it's shown how he used to help her with console parts, and they worked together on a console. However, Nintendo later reads the full details of the contract and finds out he intends to get most of the profits and publishing rights, so she decides to cancel the contract. Later, Sony makes his own console, which makes them competitors. They argue now and then and don't usually get along, but were once seen watching TV together to laugh at Microsoft's presentation.


  • Nintendo's ponytail is actually a clip-on tail.

Quotes Edit

"Eh, who cares? E3 is a time to have FUN!"

(in investor meeting, thinking)"I could be making games right now..."



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